Basic Safety Services

Risk Assessments

Safety Reports

Group induction face to face

Online induction service

Onsite safety audits with reports

Project consultation

Challenge or stunt consultation & supervision

On set safety supervision & guidance

Contractor safety oversight

Assistance in preparing applications and gaining permissions in highly regulated environments

Advice on policy and procedure

Safety law, science and procedure training for prodection staff, and producers

Hands on safety facilitation & management of high-rish activities

Standby medical support

Security services and support

Specialist Safety Services

Expert and customised reports tailored to project requirements

With extensive University training in all aspects of the physical and legal requirements of safety reports and risk assessments, Roger’s superior qualifications enable his reports to carry more legal weight and may allow you to access locations otherwise unavailable. He is also a subject matter expert in a very broad range of areas.  

Roger’s technical reports and rigging plans are clear, concise and highly presentable.

Remote Area Safety

Navigation specialist

Advanced GPS operation

Emergency Locator Systems such as SPOT

Remote area work and travel management

Wilderness survival expert – Emergency survival training and planning

Roping and Rigging (Abseiling and Rescue)

Master Rigger:


Stunt Rigger

Advanced Rescue

Air Dispatch

Small Marine Craft

Underwater and Boats

SCUBA diving to 50metres – Military Trained

SSBA – Military Trained

Military Coxswain

Coastal Navigation

Ocean-going Kayaks

Sea Survival and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

Rocket Compulsion


Helicopter Safety Consultant

Aviation Safety Consultant – Medical
Emergency Helicopter Retrieval

Airborne Rappelling


Helicopter Pilot

Fixed Wing Pilot

CASA approved Air Crew Instructor (Rescue Helicopter)

Leadership, Training and Supervision

Safety supervision

WH&S recommendations

Training Consultant – Certified Workplace Trainer and Assessor

Leadership and Planning – Military Trained

‘Work at Heights’ Safety Consultant


Special Forces qualified – One Commando Regiment

Armed Close Protection Practitioner. Formally licensed in NSW

Military and Civil Parachutist

Military Coxswain

Military Rope Rigging Practitioner – Fast, Airborne and Tactical Rope

Medical and Rescue

Search and Rescue Practitioner

Accredited Rescue Trainer and Auditor – Vetab Certified

Standby Medic

Expedition Medic

Expedition Impossible
The Alaska Experiment, Escape from the Wilderness

Firearms and Prohibited Weapons

Weapons Consultation

Technical Tactics Advisor


Stunt safety

Previously Assistant Stunt Coordinator


TV Challenge Consultant

Physical Theatre Technical Supervisor


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