Service Providers

This is the place where you can find my personal recommendation for suppliers.  These recommendations are offered through my safety lens. I’ve worked with these contractors and have found them to be excellent service providers.  All of these recommendations have over 10 year’s experience in this industry at minimum.  I strongly recommend you only use industry trained and experienced personnel for lifesaving roles and dangerous projects!

Special Effects

Pride Effects

Lloyd Finemore SFX

Dave Everett SFX

John Bowring SFX

Scaffold & Staging

Tripoint Rigging

Pollard Productions


Dave Everett SFX

John Fox Armourer

John Bowring

Riggers for Stunts/performer Rigging/flying rigs

Pro Action Stunts

Roger Graham (me)

John Blake

Andrea Berchtold

Garnet & Bernie

Alejandro Rolando

Richard Delaney

Bill Proctor

Caveat: Rigging people is a specialised skill and it is not part of traditional rigging.   I’ve only recommended one company because they are the only ones I will trust!  Otherwise I use expert individuals.

Stunt Coordinators

Harry Dakanalis

Jon Heaney

Tony Lynch

Mick Hodge

Dean Gould

Safety Officers

Greg Robinson

Brian Grogan

Jon Heaney

Jackie Murray

Sotiri Sotiropoulos

Laurence Pettinari

Standby Paramedical Services

Immediate Assistants


Pro Guarding